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"At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security." - Jodi Rell

What we do

Security Consultancy

On the mark security provides advice across the security spectrum to support strategic goals. Our proven track record has been underpinned by basic values of proportionality, integrity and pragmatism, and is closely supported by detailed research from our insight and screening teams.

We can deploy anywhere in the world at short notice.

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Our Dogs

Our Explosives Detection Dog unit has the experience to protect large and small sites or event in any Environment. Whether your facility is a small corporate building, a mass transit hub, learning institution,air service,or a large facility,we can assist you in protecting your people and assets.

Our dogs can also work in hot areas. We have presence and experience in hostile areas Eg: Sudan, Iraq Afaghanistan and Mali.

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Threat & Risk Assesment

All organizations face security risks, and owners have a responsibility to limit or manage these risks to a reasonable extent. A security risk assessment focuses on criminal or terrorist adversaries, and is the first step in minimizing the risk of frivolous legal claims due to inadequate security.

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Dogs For Sale

Tracking Dogs

Tracking is a technique in which dogs are trained to locate certain objects by using the object's scent, for a variety of purposes. Tracking has always been an essential skill for dogs to survive in the wild, through hunting and tracking down potential prey.

At On the Mark, We have trained tracking dogs for sale. They have been taken through a rigorous training session by our handlers and they are ready to deploy anywhere in the world.

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Narcotics / Explosives Detection Dogs

At OTMS K9 Academy, By honing each dog’s natural senses to focus in on items such as land mines, drugs, bombs, and even substances commonly used in arson cases, we are able to not only create a more efficient working environment for you and your team, but also a safer one. OTMS delivers only the absolute highest quality in professionally trained detection dogs. Because of our rigid quality standards and upstanding reputation, we are happy to stand behind each and every dog we deliver, regardless of its specific training focus.

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Green Dogs

We have recently introduced this as a new concept in the market.We have two categories of green working dogs for sale.

We have green dogs that are conditioned for attack training and also Green dogs that have been conditioned for detection training, for explosives, High risk installations screening, drugs, contraband and many more.

Our working dogs have been trained to endure different kinds of weather / climate conditions and they easily adapt to a new environment and start working with minimum familiarization of the sorroundings.

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Our Clients

  • Polo
  • Beyond Zero Marathon
  • IMG Events & Pr
  • Safaricom Limited
  • Jameson Live Concert
  • Asea Conference
  • Naivas Supermarkets
  • Safaricom Lewa Marathon
  • Kenyatta University
  • Villa Rosa Kempinski
  • Yaya Centre
  • IFTEX 2015 Nairobi
  • The Village Market
  • The Westgate Shopping Mall
  • The Tribe Hotel
  • Kenya Commercial Bank
  • Prestige Plaza
  • Kenya Government
  • EABL
  • CBA Concours De Elegance
  • CBA Concours De Elegance
  • Nextgen Shopping Mall
  • Stanford Seed

"Skilled, Knowledgable and effective. Very impressive, I highly recommend On The Mark Security." Jm - KE

"Very thorough and strict on all security matters, Very intelligent and highly trained dogs. We are glad to have chosen On The Mark Security" James - KE

"Very thorough and effective on security affairs. Keep up the good work." Jason - KE

"In 2010, Lt. Gen. Michael Oates,director of the special Pentagon office created to counter the threat of IEDs, told a news conference that, after spending $19 billion on high-tech innovations from hand-held sensors to enhanced optics, the best weapon against IEDs was still a handler and his dog."

Lt. Gen. Oates, M. (2014) Military Dogs Sniff Out IEDs, Save Lives. Wsj.

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